With the first knockout round of the Champions League, came to a close last night, only two English clubs progressed to the Quarter Finals – Liverpool and Manchester City. Juventus, Real Madrid, Roma, Sevilla, Bayern Munich and Barcelona are the other sides who will be in the draw for the last eight.

In Short

  • Jose Mourinho angered Manchester United fans with his timid approach against Sevilla over both ties. The Portuguese manager played for a draw over both legs, despite the fact that Sevilla were beatable. It took until the 75th minute of the second leg when United were 2-0 down, for Mourinho to instruct his team to push forward.
  • Messi proved why he is the GOAT with two goals in Barcelona’s 3-0 second leg victory over Chelsea.
  • Liverpool showed why all teams will fear them, despite a 0-0 draw in the second leg. A 5-0 aggregate win (all goals scored in the first leg) showed Jurgen Klopp’s trident at their very best.
  • The Reds weren’t the only ones among the goals, with Bayern Munich beating Beskitas 8-1 on aggregate.

The Takeaway

English football isn’t as strong as we think. Despite constantly proclaiming it as the ‘Greatest League in the WorldÔ’, only two English sides progressed to the Quarter Finals. There are three Spanish sides and two Italian sides – two leagues that the common British football fans look down upon.

Yes, Chelsea and Spurs had tough draws against Barcelona and Juventus, but when it came to the deciding moment the non-English sides showed their superiority.

Goal of the round

There were some crackers, but one man stood out; Lionel Messi. Not content with having put the ball through Chelsea keeper Thibaut Courtois’ legs once, Messi did it a second time to make the score 3-0.

It was a classic Messi move. He feinted on the edge of the box and let the ball run across his body before a burst of speed took him away from the Chelsea defenders. You knew what was coming.