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Jurgen Klopp: For the Love of the Game

In a big week for Liverpool and their manager, I didn’t ask Jurgen Klopp about Manchester City or Pep Guardiola – my guess is he’ll talk plenty about those subjects elsewhere. Instead, I wanted to get to the bottom of how he leads his team and his club, and why he does it that way.

“Graham Hunter’s Big Interview regularly features incredible interviews with European football figures, and delves deep into their playing history and what drives these athletes. In the past year, Hunter’s podcast has gone down a paywall-esque route, which is completely reasonable and understandable. His latest offering with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is classic podcasting and Hunter profits from having an open and engaging guest. For a man often presented as cartoonish, Klopp offers lovely insight on how he wants to treat others and what drives him. “I just want to be nice,” he says. “It’s about helping other people have a good time; it’s a big part of life.” Unfortunately, this interview doesn’t touch as much on the inner workings on Liverpool as it could, but for those interested in Klopp the man, then it’s more than worth a listen.

The podcast on the whole occasionally suffers from Hunter’s desire to relate everything to Barcelona. It’s admirable, considering the success and quality of recent Barcelona teams, but it can be tiring to hear the comparisons with footballers not connected to the club.”

Nick Wells

“In football, we suffer together.”

Truer words have never been spoken, and Graham Hunter’s podcast with Jürgen Klopp gives us the man behind “heavy metal football”.

If you’re looking for Gegenpressing, or an explanation on tactics, you’ll be disappointed. But, if you want to hear a primer on one the the most charming men in football? This is totally your jam.

Enjoy the camaraderie between Hunter and Klopp. It’s 45 minutes of candy for your ears.”

Susie Schaaf

“I must admit my favourite football managers are quite often serious and clinical. Think early 90’s Howard Wilkinson at Leeds or early-era Arsene Wenger. So I’ve always looked at Jurgen Klopp’s wacky persona with a bit of cynicism and even irritation but I enjoyed this probe into his personality and what makes him tick.

Hunter though really tried to over-intellectualise Klopp at times, which he wasn’t having any of. His responses were about basic human emotions, which is at the crux of why he’s so popular with Liverpool fans. He’s one of them and came across as really genuine.”

Thomas Barrett

“When I saw that Graham Hunter had sat down to record a podcast with Jurgen Klopp, I was excited. Some of Hunter’s early Big Interview podcasts are great – I particularly enjoyed Gary Neville, Graeme Souness and Chris Waddle – as they gain unprecedented insight into what makes these great football people special. 

For me, though, Hunter’s interview with Klopp disappointed. For those interested in Klopp the person, it is great, but I feel that Hunter spends too long on the details of Klopp’s personality. This was a unique opportunity to get incredible insight into Klopp, his thinkings and what shaped his footballing philosophy (inc. the famous Gegenpressing), but it falls short.”

Scott Salter