Best World Cup Kits: Spain 2010 Home

Why this kit is good:

Oh man, this kit is just beautiful. I see this kit and I think of Fernando Torres in his prime, dancing his way past defenders like they don’t exist. It’s got everything – great style, vibrant colours, and some pretty snazzy detailing by Adidas.

Best moment:

Well, Spain won the World Cup in 2010, so it’s pretty tough to top them lifting the trophy after defeating the Netherlands 1-0 in Johannesburg. Interestingly, despite having the likes of Fernando Torres, Juan Mata, Andres Iniesta and David Villa in the squad, La Roja could only muster one goal in each of their matches once they exited the group stage.

This kit reminds me of…

Those god-awful vuvuzelas. I think I’ll take that noise to my grave.

Rating out of 10:

8/10 – the outfield players look pretty good. Sadly, Iker Casillas spent most of the tournament looking like he’d been dip-dyed just above the shoulders.

Which non-football related function would you wear this to?

I’d wear this shirt to an interview. It commands power and presence; after all – it’s worn by champions.

I’m a bit of an idiot though, so if you’ve got your heart set on a job, it’s probably best to go with a bog-standard shirt and tie.

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