Best World Cup Kits: West Germany 1990 Home

Why this kit is good:

At Italia 90’, Adidas (retro logo version) gifted the last ever West Germany side with a stunning white kit slashed with black, red, and yellow artwork that would make vintage-wear store owners weak at the knees in 2018.

You couldn’t miss them. It was flowing German football as we have come to expect, this time with the nation’s colours draped on the chest. The 90s brought with it the phasing-out of block numbers, properly fitted kits, and surname-free shirts. This was one of the last guardians of all three. With this gem, we raise our glasses to old-school football.


Best moment:

July 8th, 1990. Rome’s Stadio Olimpico saw Andreas Brehme’s late penalty end Germany’s 36-year championship drought against Argentina in front of 73,000 spectators. The image of Brehme celebrating in Marco Tardelli-esque fashion is this jersey’s crowning moment.


This kit reminds me of…

Jürgen Klinsmann. The striker displayed his full range of skills throughout the tournament which included three goals. His strike from inside the 18-yard box against the Netherlands helped achieve some revenge from Euro 88’. His blonde, Glenn Frey haircut gave the jersey all the retro vibes it cried out for.


Rating out of 10:

9/10. A bit short of everyday-wear, but just barely.


Which non-football related function would I wear it to?

At 90s themed parties, you would be a hit. This would happily pass at 80’s themed functions, too. Best part about it: you would find the football fans in the room mighty quick.

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