Best World Cup Kits: France 2006 Away

Why this kit is good:

I’ll tell you exactly why: Adidas had a style in 2006 for all their kits that featured sharp wisps gliding across the collarbone, caressing the sides until finally connecting to the shorts like all stanzas of a romantic epic coming together in the most beautiful way. France took this one step further by implementing the glorious Tricolore like a meshy spectrum panning from left to right atop a pure, white background. The very same colours of the flag were echoed on the Adidas stripes on the arms of the shirt, with the French logo adorned in stunning gold; the aforementioned wisps were colours a deep, rich red, while the players’ number and name were coloured in a warm blue. God, I love this kit.


Best moment:

1st of July, 2006. Brazil vs France. Zinedine Zidane utterly and completely dismantling one of the strongest and frightening lineups Brazil had fielded in recently memory at the time. Seeing that beautiful kit pirouetting around bewildered players, performing little sleight-of-hand (foot?) tricks with the ball and just bringing Brazil to a frustrated state of astonishment was just a pleasure to watch. Just like that match, this shirt just continues to age like a fine wine.


This kit reminds me of…

C’mon, does this really warrant a question? Zizou, the maestro – Zinedine Zidane. Enough said.


Rating out of 10:

10/10. Gorgeous kit that has no flaws. Don’t @ me.


Which non-football related function would I wear it to?

As beautiful as the kit is, I don’t see myself wearing it to a non-football related function – the same with any football shirt, really – but I’d possibly chance it at a festival. Either that, or Kew Gardens. Gotta love the ClimaCool tech to keep you fresh.

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