Worst World Cup Kits: Tunisia 1998 Away

Why this kit is bad:

Tunisia’s ’98-99 away kit made it look like their squad was auditioning as an extra for a Jaws movie, rather than playing in the World Cup. The red and white jagged pattern was not well thought out and is very distracting, but then again, that was a different era to now. Well, it is safe to say that the red and white daggers certainly wouldn’t stand a chance this year. Regardless of their ability to sail smoothly through a Group G containing England – either in 1998 or 2018 – at least people will remember Tunisia for their Lotto-sponsored over-the-top shirt two decades ago.


Best moment:

It is hard to say, Tunisia didn’t have much luck during 1998 and were simply eaten alive by their opponents in France. Apart from seeing people actually wear this bold kit, scoring only one goal during the tournament has to be the highlight, Souayah’s penalty against Romania gave the fans some hope in the 12th minute.


This kit reminds me of:

A really excited fan at a shark related movie.


Rating out of ten:

A solid 3/10 – the pattern really is too much for a classic shirt. It would take a lot of courage to wear this without receiving any remarks; then again, it is definitely retro!


How much would you need to pay me to wear it?

£100, if it was a competition for the worst top.

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