Best World Cup Kits: France 2014 Home

Why this kit is good:

I mean, just look at it. The deep blue, unimpeded by red stripes or designs. The clean white France crest. The sharp collar.

It’s a beautiful shirt – take off the crest and the Nike logo, and you could wear that anywhere. And turn heads too.

There’s elegance in simplicity. And since France were unable to truly challenge for the World Cup in 2014, this shirt is probably what I’ll remember their Brazilian campaign for.


Best moment:

France’s opening game against Honduras saw Les Blues crush their opponents in style with a 3-0 victory. Karim Benzema scored twice against Honduras, raising French hopes for the rest of the tournament. Unfortunately, a quarter-final exit beckoned for Benzema and co; their best result was, of course, their 5-2 victory against Switzerland, though Didier Deschamps’ men wore the almost-as-impressive white away strip that time.


This kit reminds me of…

The shirt reminds me of Olivier Giroud. The tight fitting shirt it is, it’s just something I see the Chelsea striker being happy to wear, don’t you think?


Rating out of 10:

9/10. Nit-picky, but the buttons come a little too far down.


Which non-football related function would I wear it to?

It’s Friday night. Hair styled. Aftershave on. Throw on the France polo shirt, and let’s hit a few clubs with the lads. Tidy.

…No, but seriously, don’t wear football shirts to clubs.

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