Worst World Cup Kits: Japan 1998 Goalkeeper

Why this kit is bad:

Really? That’s even a question?

Fire, standard issue 90s style, and a goalkeeping kit that is probably the worst one I’ve ever seen. Essentially, it looks like Asics went to a school disco, saw that kid in the flame shirt and went “yeah, do you know what, that’ll do.” Saying that, as much as I loathe this kit, I also sort of love it – in the same way I’d love the world’s ugliest dog.


Best moment:

Japan had a really tough time at the 1998 World Cup. Their group contained Argentina, Croatia, and Jamaica, meaning that, rather predictably, they failed to even register one point during their short stint in the competition.

They did however muster up one goal, thanks to striker Masashi Nakayama. The Samurai Blue found themselves 2-0 down just after half time, but Nakayama scored in the 74th minute to set up a tense final affair that saw Jamaica’s two centre-backs booked with Japan firing themselves forward.

Sadly for the underdogs, they couldn’t find another goal to draw themselves level, and eventually finished the tournament bottom of the group. They must have impressed the FIFA officials though, as they later hosted the 2002 World Cup in partnership with South Korea.


This kit reminds me of…

How your brain feels during a hangover.


Rating out of 10:

I’m forever an optimist, but I can’t give this more than a 4/10. At least it’s eye-catching.


How much would you need to pay me to wear it?

I’d do it just for the laugh, to be honest.

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