Worst World Cup Kits: Germany 1994 Home

Why this kit is bad:

This might be a controversial choice, because some people really do like this kit, but to this writer, this kit is quintessentially…un-German. Yes, the idea that Germans are efficient and joyless isn’t quite 100% true, but it’s hard to see Germany being too happy about a kit this…all over the place. The design invokes almost Native American vibes – a weird choice for a country considered by some as the centre of Europe – and look how far down the Adidas logo is!!

While Klinsmann, Sammer et al had no problem sporting this 24 years ago, the 90s was also the decade of some truly garish kits that were acceptable at the time; you wouldn’t see the stylish, current crop of German stars wearing this.


Best moment:

Despite its unsuitability, however, this kit is a historic one. Its best moment in an otherwise meh 1994 campaign for Germany was undoubtedly Die Mannschaft’s opening game, a 1-0 victory over Bolivia, thanks to a Jurgen Klinsmann strike. Routine stuff, sure, but the reason this moment was significant is that this game was the first World Cup match played by a reunified Germany. A wonderful, glorious achievement, but one that really deserved a better kit.


This kit reminds me of…

Third time mentioning him, but this kit really does remind me of Jurgen Klinsmann. Probably my favourite German player from the 90s, Klinsmann had a fantastic World Cup in this kit; he scored in Germany’s first four games. Sadly, the one game he didn’t score in – a quarter-final clash with Bulgaria – saw the side knocked out in an unlikely upset, before the striker completed a move to Tottenham.


Rating out of 10:

4/10. This design might work for other nations, perhaps, but certainly not Germany.


How much would you need to pay me to wear it?

Funnily enough, I would actually wear this for free. Take the logos and number off, and find me at carnival.

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