Best World Cup Kits: Holland 1974 Home

This kit is apparently so good, two of our writers asked to write an ode to it. Ninad Barbadikar and Rahul Warrier give their takes on why this kit is top.

Why this kit is better than just good:

Ninad Barbadikar: If there’s one Adidas classic kit that stands out, it’s this one. Holland’s 1974 kit was all orange with the classic three stripes along the sleeves and the sides of their shorts.

With their black lion as a badge, that dark shade of Orange was just as intimidating as it was stylish. You could wear it off the pitch and still impress your mates and anyone who’s watching really. There was a certain presence about the kit that just made it feel majestic, I guess it was the fact that Cryuff wore it, but who am I to judge? You decide.

Rahul Warrier: The best Dutch team of all time sported their best national kit of all time. The KNVB lion stands out proudly on a simple orange base, with Adidas’ three black stripes running down on the sleeve providing subtle yet iconic branding. Minimalism is often the best, and this shirt proves that. It’s simply a beauty: no frills, yet having everything you want in a kit. There is something poignant in the simplicity of the kit contrasting the revolutionary totaalvoetbal that its wearers played.

There’s more to the kit too. Due to the great Johan Cruyff’s sponsorship with Puma, he only had two stripes on his kit, rather than Adidas’ three. An unintentional nod to the greatness of the man that his kit was unique from the rest.

Best moment:

NB: Holland’s best moment in the kit, undoubtedly has to be the 4-0 demolition of their South American counterparts, Argentina.

RW: Rinus Michel’s Netherlands may be the best side ever not to have won a World Cup. They cruised through their group, and cruised through the second group again. In six games, they had won five and drawn one, scoring 14 and conceding just the one. They saw off Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. And they took the lead against West Germany in the final, without the Germans touching the ball. But somehow, beyond belief, they conceded two goals, trailed the Germans 2-1 and despite their best attempts, were unable to get one back. It wasn’t an upset, but it was a disappointment that they didn’t win.

Still, it made them just a little human. They deserved a World Cup win, but at least they had their lovely kit to keep.

This kit reminds me of:

NB:Johan Cruyff, a legend, nothing suited him better than the Orange of the Oranje.

RW: Perfection encapsulated in a shirt.

Rating out of 10:

NB: A 9.9, if they had only won the World Cup with this kit, I’d have given it a 10.

RW: 10/10. An all-time classic.

Which non-football function would I wear it to?

NB: I’d wear it to my first date with a girl to show her I’m the real deal. She doesn’t have to know the Dutch lost, just that they looked good playing.

RW: Such magnificence can be worn anywhere, in my opinion, but I’d wear this at a concert. I’d be the best-dressed already.

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