Worst World Cup Kits: Jamaica 1998 Home

Why this kit is bad:

The 90s was the time of so many kit manufacturers, and so many got them so, so wrong. Kappa was the one responsible for this Jamaican monstrosity. Just like with most of the kits from this era, it was certainly vibrant, and while on paper this should work with it’s Brazilian style yellow, and green and black pattern showing the colours of the Jamaican flag, it just ended up looking like somebody had taken a car and covered the tires in paint before driving a stripe over the top. The pattern inside the stripe makes no sense and just ends up coming off garish.

Best moment:

The 1998 World Cup was the singular appearance for the Reggae Boyz on the largest international stage, so the best moment for them would have been the 2-1 victory over Japan that gave them their only World Cup win in their history. Theodore Whitmore grabbed a double against the run of play and Jamaica managed to hold out just long enough to secure a win.

This kit reminds me of…

The Norwich kits from the 1990s. You all know the ones I’m talking about – they looked vaguely like somebody had eaten a lot of asparagus before vomiting for days.

Rating out of 10:

3/10. Any slight tweaks could have made this wearable, but god, it’s just awful.

How much would you need to pay me to wear it?

I’d wear it for free, but only if I was going to Notting Hill Carnival. Vibrant colours that celebrate the culture the festival embraces.

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