Best World Cup Kit: England 2006 Home

Why this kit is good:

Ah, 2006. The days when an England kit was more than just a white PE t-shirt with a Nike logo and a £60 price tag. Both club and international football kits these days are pretty much all the same; one template, one design, all filled in with different colours, like a kid on Paint. This was one of the few England kits over the last few years that actually had a bit more imagination than normal, and was actually the first England kit I can remember owning.

A big, loud red cross on the right shoulder – English patriotism at its best. It gave a bit of identity to what would be a bog-standard kit without it. A kit that made the country proud to be English, even if the team wearing it, who went out on penalties to Portugal and *that* wink from Cristiano Ronaldo, didn’t. I voted Remain, but a Brexit voter would love this kit.


Best moment:

Obviously the 1-0 win over Ecuador. David Beckham’s free-kick sent England into the quarter-final with Portugal and was the last World Cup knockout game England won for the last 12 years. Since then, they were hammered by Germany in 2010, and didn’t make it out of the group in Brazil in 2014. But with a victory against Colombia this year, we can dream again!


This kit reminds me of…

The ‘golden generation,’ who ended up achieving sweet FA. A fresh faced Wayne Rooney, who looked like he should have had a mullet on while playing. A braided Rio Ferdinand – when he was cool. Michael Owen before his dodgy knees. Jamie Carragher running down the right-wing – yeah, he actually used to do that – and missing a penalty against Portugal.


Rating out of 10:

8.5/10. Some would say it’s too plain, but the cross makes it stand out.


Which non-football related function would I wear it to?

Definitely a festival of some sort. Glasto? Maybe Reading or Leeds. Something with loads of beer and noise – channelling the typical English day out. ENG-GER-LAND.

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