Worst World Cup Kits: Nigeria 1994 Home

Why this kit is bad:

If you stare it for long enough, you could get a squint. Adidas served up their offering of ‘uniqueness’ that can only be construed as bizarre. There’s too much going on in that Nigeria shirt. The white and green is a solid idea in practice, but design repetition has to be done right. In this case, it clearly hasn’t. It looks a number of dollar bills were plastered onto the shirt – never a good look – and in the middle of it all lies an Adidas logo that you have to peer to find. To top it off, the jersey number is smacked right in the middle of the shirt in jet black, like Iron Man’s arc reactor. Migraine-inducing.

On the bright side, the 1994 kits were the inspiration for 2018’s excellence, so something good came out of it.


Best moment:

Nigeria were impressive in their World Cup debut. They were put in a tricky group, but came out of it with plenty of credit. They dispatched a Bulgarian side that would make the semi-finals 3-0 in the opener, before falling to Claudio Caniggia’s brace in a narrow 2-1 loss to Argentina. But it was in the third game, versus Greece, where they made the biggest impact. Wearing the aforementioned kit for the first and only time, they won 2-0 that allowed them to finish top of the group by a single goal.

It was the manner of goals that announced them on the world stage. Finidi George scored a lovely chip in the second minute of injury time in the first half, after which Daniel Amokachi wrapped up a solo run with a sweet strike to make it 2-0 in the 95th minute. The headache-inducing kit was worn in two of the best goals scored by Nigeria in the tourmanent; a sign that there is no correlation between the quality of the kit and the goals.

In the Round of 16, Nigeria faced the eventual finalists Italy, and despite an early goal from Emmanuel Amunike, they cruelly conceded to Roberto Baggio in the 88th minute, after which Baggio scored a penalty in the 102nd minute to give them the win. Nigeria were eliminated, but they made a mark on their debut.


This kit reminds me of…

A primitive Windows wallpaper plastered onto pyjamas.


Rating out of 10:

2/10. The colour scheme is the saving grace.


How much would you need to pay me to wear it?

Just enough for me to buy the Nigeria 2018 kit. That’s a work of art, not this.

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