Worst World Cup Kits: Ivory Coast 2006 Home

Orange inherently as a colour represents many things. Different shades of orange can mean different things, however, for the nation of Ivory Coast in 2006, Orange was just bad.

Why this kit is bad:

Now orange is no doubt a difficult colour to pull off. Many have tried and most have failed. Earlier this year, celebrities in the United States wore orange to support the national rally against gun violence, and to be fair, they pulled that colour off a lot better than Henri Michel’s players did on the pitch.

There’s such a thing as too much of one colour on a kit, and that’s what happened with Ivory Coast that year. There’s a thin stripe of green across the back above the player’s name and number, however, that did little to appease people who watched Michel’s side play in ‘06.

It’s not that other nations couldn’t pull off this design by Puma, the problem was, it was just not vibrant enough for a nation such as the Ivory Coast.


Best moment:

2006 was the Elephants’ debut on the World Stage, having never qualified for any previous edition; therefore, it was important that they make a good first impression. However, in a group that included giants like Argentina and the Netherlands, it was tough to make any impression at all.

It wasn’t all bad for them, though, as narrow 2-1 losses to Argentina and Netherlands were complemented by a 3-1 victory over Serbia and Montenegro at the Allianz Arena. Since then, the Elephants have never made it past the group stage, last appearing at Brazil 2014.


The kit reminds me of:

You know how an orange peel looks like when it’s been peeled off the orange? Yeah, that’s the one.


Rating out of 10:

I’m a big fan of Didier Drogba, and so because he wore it, I’m going to rate it 4/10.


How much would you need to pay me to wear it?

Just a meagre amount of £400. What? If I’m going to suffer wearing this, you’re going to suffer paying for it, just saying.

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