Worst World Cup Kits: England 2002 Home

Why this kit is bad:

There’s only a couple of teams in the world that can get away with a single stripe. Ajax are one. River Plate another. England is not one of those teams.

In 2002, they tried to be. The result was a horrible, off-white disaster.

Best moment:

The Welshman in me wants to say the Ronaldinho free-kick that looped over David Seaman in the English goal, but I’ll be nice.

Instead, I’ll be neutral and pick the round-of-16 demolition of Denmark as the best moment in this England shirt. The group stage win over Argentina was huge – thanks to a Becks penalty – but the Denmark triumph was done in style.

Goals from Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen, and Emile Heskey put the Danes to bed.

This kit reminds me of:

Brexit. You know the type. Talk about golden balls. Moan about ‘that Swede Sven’, and are much happier having an English manager, playing English football for an English team.

Rating out of 10:

2/10 – it’s not quite on the level of some of the hideous designs featured, but it’s just not a nice kit.

How much would you need to pay me to wear it?

It’s an England shirt!! I would get nothing but hate, and my own family would disown me. I couldn’t possibly… £1 million, please.

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