Parley. A brand that is a space for creators from every corner of the Earth to collaborate and combine in order to fight against the ongoing damage being inflicted on our oceans and ecosystem. But why is their collaboration with adidas particularly significant in their battle against pollution?

The current situation is that the oceans are being destroyed due to single-use plastic being dumped in them. It is crucial that we combine together as a society, as humans, in order to save the deep blue, because we have only just begun exploring it. The oceans are a vital part of humanity, and “if they die, then we die”, which is what famous environmental activist Paul Watson stated.

Standing against the damage to our world is something I actively believe in. Seeing a collaboration like this, one between two brands I admire, is wonderful – both for football and the Earth. Using recycled plastic from the ocean is a beautiful and efficient idea, reducing the amount of damage to our planet while also creating a number of very smart shirts. Developing more environmentally friendly processes and products, we can make a drastic change to the amount of damage we are inflicting on our beautiful planet – and Parley are pioneers of this journey. They are an influential figure in saving and maintaining our oceans. They have my full support, and you should give them yours as well.

Parley state that creators have the tools to influence many industries to turn to more sustainable and eco-friendly products and processes in order to give the people an alternative choice that makes a change. I 100% agree. Creators can change the way they work, the processes they use, the products they use, and more in order to become more efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly.

This is where adidas play such a significant role in helping Parley reach their mission.

Collaborating for a while now, adidas and Parley have come together to avoid the use of plastic, intercept plastics going into the ocean, and re-design products to drive eco-innovation around materials. A brand like adidas adapting this social responsibility will push results and help drive us to a better environment. They’re an extremely respected brand within sport and the fashion industry, so their support in the eradication of plastic will resonate with many.

As their latest demonstration of support, adidas have released a number of football shirts which have been created using recycled ocean plastics. These weren’t just standard football shirts either, these were shirts for some of the world’s biggest clubs; Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Juventus, and more. Each club has a major following globally, and with a brand message like Parley’s being communicated to the world, it is only a matter of time before more people join the revolution in ditching plastic.

Adidas x Parley is beautiful. Football, and sport as a whole, can be used as a platform for change. We have seen many campaigns in football that stand against the negative aspects of society. This is another – a stand against the poisoning of our oceans. One that will be highlighted across the globe because of the sheer size of football as a game, and adidas as a brand.

They aren’t just producing football shirts, either. It’s trainers and other gear too. I want to see this strategy continue, and I want to see more brands take this stance on the development of their products. I believe in a better environment for us to live in. With collaborations like this and boycotting plastic, we can save the oceans and our eco-system, thus saving our planet.